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Alcohol Beverage Law

The craft brewery and distillery attorneys of Bruns, Connell, Vollmar & Armstrong, also known as Ohio Beer Counsel, are committed to providing Ohio’s start-up and established craft breweries and distilleries the legal ingredients to assist with employment matters, forming corporate structure, raising money through private placement memorandums, obtaining federal and state permits, registering and defending trademarks, negotiating commercial leases, vendor contracts and equipment purchases, and when necessary, litigating in court.

Permitting from the Federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (“TTB”) and Ohio’s Division of Liquor control is needed before any brewing or distilling operation can occur.  This process is long, often overwhelming and sometimes prevents a good idea from moving forward. As craft beer and distillery attorneys, we assist you in navigating and understanding the complexities of permitting, and help prepare the information necessary to apply for TTB and Ohio permits.

While breweries and distilleries offer unique working environments, they are not immune from legal issues that inevitably arise in any business involving employees, confidentiality, trade secrets, and workplace safety. These are issues we handle on a daily basis, which make us well-equipped to provide legal counsel, advice and advocacy in courts of law.

The lifeblood of any brewery and distillery is the products you produce and the brand you promote. Loss of either would have a devastating, if not fatal, effect on your business. We will work with you to identify and develop best practices; designed to put you in the best legal position to defend and protect your products and brand from any improper use by others.

Additionally, liquor permit holders face similar regulatory challenges under Ohio law, especially when it comes to the acquisition or transfer of liquor licenses. Let our experience in working with the Ohio Division of Liquor Control work for you.

Small Business & Entrepreneurs

Every client has different individual goals, but there are common themes all businesses face.

We help guide our small business clients with services like drafting key documents, assisting in financing, negotiating contracts and much more.

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Our attorneys have tried hundreds of civil cases spanning a wide variety of legal issues.

If litigation is necessary, we’ve been down this road before, and we know how to avoid the pitfalls and guide you through the process towards the best outcome possible.

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Insurance Law

Insurance defense. Insurance coverage litigation. Insurance coverage opinions. Bad faith defense. The list goes on.

Our lawyers have seen it all in the insurance world.  Collectively, our attorneys have over 75 years of experience in handling all aspects of insurance law.

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Collections/Profit Recovery

Your business, whether small or large, is dependent upon a strong customer base. Money you receive helps you grow your bottom line.

We have years of experience advising businesses, in multiple industries, on accounts receivable best practices to help you reduce overdue and delinquent receivables.

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Alcohol Beverage Law

Because breweries, distilleries and liquor permit holders are highly regulated, legal issues inevitably arise.

We will work with you to identify and develop best practices; designed to put you in the best legal position to defend and protect your products and brand from any improper use by others.

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Our transportation attorneys have extensive experience defending transportation companies.

Our firm handles all aspects of transportation law, including accident investigation, administrative hearings, tort defense, intentional tort claim defense, freight claims, and the defense of criminal and traffic matters.

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Professional Malpractice

Professional negligence cases threaten the professional reputation you’ve worked so hard to create.

Our attorneys have years of experience defending licensed professionals, including doctors, lawyers, architects, engineers, CPA’s, dentists and mental health professionals.  

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Probate Litigation

When a person dies, the family normally looks to a will, a trust or some other beneficiary designation to figure out how to divide the property or accounts.

Our attorneys have experience litigating probate disputes. We’ve represented clients in complex probate litigation. 

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